when shall I enter the place in between space and time
unfortified amongst the endless masses
down to the approximate escape in which I render.
as the sheep graze across the clovers and high grassses

surely this is an imprint to reroute me back to the start

it was in this moment that i saw a face
plastered against the backdrop of everyone elses'
and only for a second did i have the urge to cry
there wasn't any distance between them
not even a gap that I could attempt to pry.

surely this is the figment of my stationary renewal.

further and further along my sensory map I go
trapping such angles I perceive as being skewed
only then to imagine this being as cosmic
as my first ever mountain top view.
there was probably something at stake that day
but what it is, i haven't a clue.
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the line after the first stanza. should be "an imprint" left out the n.

other then that its very interesting. The third stanza was beautiful, and the last also painted quite a picture but im afraid its meaning i havnt fully grasped. I have been working the last ten hours of the night. will re-read tomorrow, but nonetheless really great work.
Outside the side box that's outside your sky box.