i know this probably sounds stupid, but can you mix a set of 10's and a set of 9's? i need the 10's for the lower strings of my seven-string, other wise it rattles, and i want the 9's on the higher strings so i can bend them. The question is, if i mix them can i hurt my guitar?
Lots of great guitarists mix strings. Steve Howe uses 12E & 12B on all his electric guitars. Mostly bends on the B. It won't hurt the guitar unless you do some ridiculous combo. Check it fits the nut ok.
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i know they fit, i've had the 10's on, but i dont' like how the 10's bend. so 10's and 9's should be okay?
ya, you'll be good. in fact GHS TNT"S are half a set of 10's and half a set of 11's, you might look around and see if you could find the same thing but with everything a gauge higher.
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ernie ball hybrid pack. its just what you said.
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Most string manufacturers offer a Light Top Heavy Bottom sets, which should save you some bucks.
thanks, i'll look into that, have to see if they have a seven set thats like that.
No you can't do this.

If you do the guitar fairy will come and blow-up your guitar lol .
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i like mixing mine around, i like the bottom 3 strings to be from 10's or 11's, with the top three being from 9's.

well thats for any guitar i own with a floyd rose, anything with a fixed bridge gets a full set of 10s
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it's fixed, but i like being able to bend. Also for the guy with the fairy comment, i just wanted to make sure i wasn't going to warp my neck or something from the differnce in strain.

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don't mix strings from different manufacturers or different series.. you might get big differences in tone, volume and tension.. other than that, experiment if you got the time, nothing really bad can come out of it...