I'm not looking to put out the next Dark Side Of the Moon or anything, but I do have some pretty good songs that I'd like to get recorded and sounding decent (I actually like a lo-fi ish sound, but not lo-fi as in unproduced unmixed ****). I'm pretty good with mixing and whatnot since I've been more of an electronic musician most of my life as opposed to live recordings, but now I'd like to record songs I have which require vocals and guitars (I've synths and drums and everything else programmed).

Two questions:
1) What is your general advice about recording vocals? How can I make it sound as professional as possible in a non "vocal-treated" room.
2) Is it better to go line in with guitars, as in plugged straight into the recording source, or to just mic the acoustics and amps?
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Also, for lo-fi

Good mic + running every signal possible through a bullhorn.
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1. I'm still trying to figure that out myself, sorry I can't be of more assistance
2. All depends on what sounds best to you and of course, budget. IMHO mic'ing the amp sounds so much better than any direct in recording and I think many people would agree with me on that.
For vocals, make sure to get a pop filter installed before your mic.

Recording guitars is a tricky art. As a general rule, you should set up more than one channel and placement source to simultaneously record a guitar part. You should experiment with the mix levels and placements.

From my experience line-In usually makes the guitar sound fuller, but it cannot stand on its own. Have it lower in the mix and place mics around the amp. I've felt that placing a mic directly in front of the amp usually wasn't the best. Try at an angle. And if you can, place multiple mics in different distances from the amp.

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im going to second what that guy said about vocals. what i will add, is to make sure you have good effects in order to blend your vocals into the mix. I'd go with protools.

for guitars.
i prefer recording with a mic, and if you listen to my song hopefully, youll see what it sounds like. however, recording line in is normally cheaper although alot of the frequencies are still in the mix and sometimes causes speaker buzz.(that may not be the correct terminology). again, make sure you properly use effects after you have recorded your guitars to make certain parts fit the mix. for instance, if you want one guitar part to be iin the bakcround, make sure you reverb it.
basically you can record vocals in any room if your not looking for really hi quality, just make sure theres nothing to make noise as your recording the vocals. no phone, no fans, no tv or anything. and if your like me and too cheap to get a pop filter try to get about 3 inches away from the mic at a slight angle, and it should be just fine. don't eat the mic.

and as for guitars, personally i usually record with two to three mics, A Dynamic mic right in front of the amp, A Condenser at a corner of the amp(Still in front of it though) and another Dynamic mic somewhere else in the room, You can find a nice spot in the room for good room noise.
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im sorry but, bdotnert, if you do what you say you do with your mics in your songs, your doing it wrong. it sounds terrible and doesnt even fit the mix. check my song hopefully for a way to REALLY mic up an amp. its an sm57. on the main track, its on axis and on the back track its off axis. i used the I/O setting on my G major for reverb.