I'm asking now to be kind of prepared before everything is bought, but here goes:

I'm planning to run something like

Input > Bass Big Muff >EffectO>------------->?
                      >Dry Out> Synth Pedal >?

What would I use to combine both signals into one output?

I'm thinking that I can just plug them both into Echo Park, but I'm not sure how that would effect the sound (also, I'm not sure if that would basically double my signal)

Boss LS-2 looks too complicated, since I do not really want to do a loop (it has like Input, A Send, B Send ; Output, A Return, B Return)), though it has level knobs for both of the A/B.

Would an ABY do what I want to do?

I really don't know, I'm just looking for something to take two inputs and make it into one output (and most likely make both of those equal, in level, to one normal signal)

What am I looking for?
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how about this?


Sure, it's around 100 dollars, and really only blends two signals, and does nothing else, but it does what you're looking for right?

I'm sure there's some schematics somewhere for something very similar, just not sure where to look.