I grabbed a used guitar off some guy for $100, (had two EMG's, 81/85, hard to pass up) on a LP style - Dean EVO Phantom guitar. The only problem, is that the fretboard has an ugly white (paint?) coloring on the whole fret. The picture is attached to give an actual visual .Anyways, down to my question...I've managed to scrape off the paint with a thin chisel w/o damaging the wood, but now i'm left with the ugly white paint along the edges (stuck somewhat on the metal and on the edge of the fret) and white paint inside the small little wood grains. How or what can I use to remove ALL the white off the fretboard, and just make this fretboard look new again? THanks for any help guys.
Thanks for the quick and good responses guys. So I can take off the little fret things with say a hot iron, to melt away the glue? And to put them back on i'd simply re glue (or hot glue?) it back ,correct? I was going to try 0000 steel wool too, to see if that'd help. Would that be a good suggestion? Thanks again guys.
no, you dont need an iron to remove them, as they are likely not glued in. you will need to buy new frets, radiused, if you cant you need a radiusing machine, then you need a good set of metal clippers, a drill press jig or fret hammer, a couple of special files, and alot of metal wet/dry sand paper, and a radius block to sand the fretboard, which i can only assume has a 12'' radius due to the fact that its a les paul shape with a TOM bridge.