Hey guys, it's been a while.

I'm working on some solos with some long and fast shred licks. I'm wondering, how do you guys like to tackle these licks? My general approach is to just learn little tiny pieces at a time (3 or 4 notes or so, depending on how fast the lick is), but I still have trouble with some licks.

What are some other ideas for deciphering these types of licks?
well if there's a tab out there, just download it.

if you use gp5 or something, you can slow down the player to like 50% or less. I know tabs aren't always accurate, but they can be good for figuring out those tricky parts.

for some songs that don't have a tab at all, like Decrepit Birth- The Enigmatic Form, I just slowed down the song and took it apart one note at a time. It took forever, but I have gotten used to figuring out whether I need to do a slide or tap the notes.

To be honest though, its up to you. Those hard licks are hard to play only because they are FAST. Just slow down the song to maybe 120bpm or slower, and I think you will be good.