Yeah, the United Nations, what do you think about them?
New World Order?
Could it be useful in the future?
Should we kill it and burn the ashes?

Personally, I think that the UN could be useful and is probably necessary as the world becomes more globalized. But we need to strengthen the theoretical foundations for it. Things like, what policy areas does it have the right to legislate about? Does it have the right to impose morality on countries? How can it enforce accountability on its regulation? What happens to those countries not in the UN? How does the UN interact with political leaders and governments of its members?

Basically, right now the UN is a group without a direction. More about just getting countries to talk to each other than any actual goals or meaningful outcomes. The structure, areas of jurisdiction and authority of the UN need to be better defined if it is to be effective.

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UN is a pretty pointless thingymagic. No one really obeys the rules set by UN. Not like you have to
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...I don't like the UN.

They sent me a very angry letter telling me how angry they were.

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The Main Goal the united nations is to ensure that war never breaks out......they have been doing a pretty bad job ticall now....Besides they got virtually no power over america
....so you yanks can go to war without breaking a sweat :p

The UN is a good forum for countries to talk to each other. As a peacekeeping unit, lolfail.


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The UN is a good forum for countries to talk to each other. As a peacekeeping unit, lolfail.

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