hi ug. theres a pretty good deal down at my local music shop atm. they got a Kustom quad 100HD head and matching cab. its a ripper of a price . i tried it out today and was blown away with power (100 watts!) and brutality. its a solidstate half stack. im mainly into metal with a few diferent styles at my disposle here and there and i was wondering UG, whats your expierience with kustom amps? are they worth it? uno all that stuff. fire away
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I actually quite like Kustom. I own one of their very old 15watt SS practice amps and that sounds pretty good when you take into consideration that it's only a little cheap practice amp. I would imagine the bigger and more expensive models to be very nice!
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Can't say anything about the head, but at least the cab is a piece of crap. Neither the building quality nor the speakers are worth a second look. Sounded muddy and everything but clear and full.

But, if you're on a budget and like it, get it. It's good for the price, and you can always upgrade later.
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I had 1 of their all tube amps very nice. Their old SS are very well liked. But couldnt tell you about their new SS.
Their new stuff is just ok in the SS department. The Double Kross is supposed to be sweet though.
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