So this all started occurring bout 3 weeks ago, i noticed a lot of young guys (18+) going in and out with a bag, the couple always fight and beat each other and its really sad cause they have like 6 kids (<16) living with them.

I'm pretty sure the mum is an ice addict, always scratching n twitching and the dad is just a drunk.

I'm tempted to call the cops n stuff but yeah... they might figure out it was me and shoot me. It's just that they're ruining our neighbor hood, they moved into a perfectly good house and now you can barley notice it, it is absolutely disgusting.. Trash everywhere.

In conclusion, damn druggies.

Should i report to the fuzz?
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tell them you'll report them, or you wont if they give u da drugsssss.
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tell them you'll report them, or you wont if they give u da drugsssss.

Sorry, TS, as you see, we don't exactly have the "A Team" working the pit at 6AM in the USA. Sorry about that.

Nah, but you can report them without them knowing it was you, It shouldn't be hard.

Yes, poop.
I would figure it out for a few more days. Get all the facts right. Then phone the cops, explain whats goin on, stress your anominity(sp?)

I mean do they know 'of' you?

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Yes report them. I actually suspect one fo my neighbors of the same thing

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Rob their house of their drugs.

When there are none left, report them.

But the there would be no drugs left for evidence. Your plan is terrible.
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if you think that what is going on would be damaging for the children then report it. Just remember that you can make it an anonymous tip-off. You gotta do what you think is the right thing. Hope this helps
Ask them to water your garden whilst your on holiday and disappear for a few days tipping the police off before you leave. It can't have been you if your on holidays!

They may rob your house knowing your away though...