hey guys,
lately whenever my amp is on, (whether im actually playing or not) i can hear like... people talking and stuff.. like once it picked up the tv, but normally its like sorta AM sorta radio two ways and such... i dont think this is right lol
Why do you have your amp on when your not playing? Do you listen to music through it or something? This normally happens be because of a bad quality lead. Try a different lead and see if that helps.
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well when i mean not playing i mean the volume all the way down on my guitar sitting on my lap while im on the computer lol, and no i dont listen to music through it. do u mean the lead going from my head to quad? if so its like .. new and my guitar cables arent bad, planet waves and fender
Haha you're picking up radio! I got that at band practise and made a song which included it
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that is so Spinal Tap...you know?...when they are at that base they pickup teh channel from that air trafiic control tower
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Happens a lot. Listen to hendrix performing machine gun on one of the youtube vids and there's a load of radio coming through his amps at one stage. It actually sounded good with the song though.
At the end of Sleep Now In The Fire by RATM, that song is from a radio station that Morello's amp picked up. Also works nicely in the song.