hey so i just got a macbook pro for my bday, and i've loaded my line 6 toneport ux2 and gearbox onto it. my computer isnt detecting the device??? im new to macs so i wouldnt have a clue what to do... any help would be sick thanx

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Have you installed Line6 Monkey? It's a program that comes with Gearbox and it helps detect the compability with your toneport. Load it and it will tell you automatically if you need to download new drivers or if your computer has any other problems with the software.
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just send it to me i'll make it mac compatible
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you have to make sure you install the software and everything before you connect the toneport. Then it should ask you to connect it and install the line6 monkey thing.

I had some trouble with mine at one point so I just had to get rid of everything and reinstall the software.
ah k thanx for your help!

i think it may be the software, so im downloading a newer version, coz the one i have isnt applicablr for intel based macs or something it says... i shall let you know shortly anyways