Howdy neighbour.

I have a kh202, licenced floyd, i was wondering if as opposed to putting a block of wood under the trem if i could just do anything with the strings (at the back of the guitar) to make it fall and also use the screws to lower the action (at both corners of the floyd rose nearest the bridge pickup)... there for doing the same thing... the bridge cant fall anymore...

or will this **** up my guitar and make the earth implode on itself or some ****?

Failing this being a good idea i'll just shove a chuck of wood right in there.

by strings do you mean springs?

and its better to use a block off wood then it can damage the floyd or front of your geetar
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If you put something between the neck side of the trem block and the body and fix it to where it won't move when you use your trem, you can tighten your springs down so that the trem wont lift when you do a bend but will still work for diving. The block off will keep it from going up, and you'll still be able to adjust your action at will.
Thanks i have another Q.

Will i have to completely de string my guitar before doing this? Or can i leave the strings and lock nut alone and just loosen and take off the springs, put the wood in as measured, then make sure it'll stay in place, and put the springs back on and tighten them till it makes contact with the wood?

Thanks again
Do you mean by increase the spring tension and make the bridge fall all the way down to the cavity? I would not do that... The bridge might break...

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It depends on what you're gonna use, you need to measure the gap while the guitar is tuned up then you can either detune and remove 1 or 2 springs, or detune till your strings are floppier then >insert rude joke here< and take all 3 springs out. Glue/tape/whatever your block in and put it all back together, and tighten the trem claw screws so the trem block is held against your new block.
Cool i get it, only instead of completely downtuning my guitar to remove the springs i was just thinking of loosening the claw till its loose enough that i can remove them, slip it in, tape, put the springs back on and put it back together...