Need an intermediate (i think) solo to learn. And also your help finding it :)

Hey i did a search but in the threads that relate i didnt find any solos that really satisfy me so heres what im looking for, short and simple:

A solo, not easy, a challenge... thinking something along the lines of master of puppets solo... nothing like fade to black... way too easy... so nothing TOO hard, nothing IN ANY WAY easy, but also nothing impossible, techniques like string skipping etc im still a bit rusty at, and if there is any sweeps in it make sure its something i can practise easily as im ****e at this atm too. And this is how i like to practise and learn new ****.

All help is greatly appreciated, props in advance
Since Ive Been Loving You - Zeppelin
Creeping Death - Metallica
Whiplash - Metallica
symphony of destruction-megadeth (kinda hard)
high speed dirt-megadeth
cheers peeps, keep em comin' im gonna work up a list and learn them easiest to hardest (need some MEGA practice so this will help)
Judas Priest - Painkiller
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