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3 20%
Dillion DL6500
1 7%
PRS SE Singlecut Trem
8 53%
3 20%
Voters: 15.
Simply put, I'm looking at four Les Paul copies, and I was hoping I could get UG's take. And before anyone tells me to "get an Epiphone because it's Gibsonyer", I've tried Epiphone's, they just sounded boxed-in to me stock, especially compared to the Gibson Les Pauls I tried that weren't victims of Gibson's current QC, and while I do plan to either put a set of Seymour Duncans or DiMarzio's in(JB/59 SD's or SD/PAF Pro DiMarzio's. Can I also get some calls between them?), I want it to sound good stock since that's how I'll be using it for a while. Please also don't tell me to "get a Gibson", I'd prefer not to spend more than $700 on this guitar.

Now then, onto the guitars.

ESP LTD EC-256 - $400 - Pros; Cheapest. Coil-tap is right there. Satin finish(Relicing is meh, but I'm buying for tone, not looks, and I prefer satin finishes). Rib contour. - Cons; I'm a bit unsure about it due to the pricetag, especially compared to the others. A friend says the stock tone sucks, and as there aren't any local ESP dealers and GC hasn't had their shipment arrive yet, I can't try it yet to be sure.

Dillion DL6500 - $650 - Pros; Highest-quality. Apparently is like a custom-shop Gibson but without the price and name, according to my guitar teacher who, until a few months ago, owned a 1958 Les Paul and had owned a 1959 LP in years past. Four knobs compared to everything else's two. I wouldn't plan to throw out the stock pickups on this one. - Cons; Most expensive. Frilliest. I can't try before buying(But I've played seven of their guitars, unless everything's been gems, the QC is consistent, so take this as you will). Not sure if the buckers' can be wired for coil-tap, but that's something I may be willing to sacrifice if it's as good as my guitar teacher says. Limited run, so if it breaks, the replacement won't be the same.

PRS SE Singlecut Trem - $650 - Pros; PRS QC, even if it is the SE line QC. Tremolo, which none of the others have. Probably the smoothest neck joint. - Cons; Worst pickups of any of them besides the 256(This is just guesswork, but they're generic and not top-of-the-line, so I get a bad feeling, even if it is PRS). Least control of any of them.

ESP LTD EC-401VF - $640 - Pros; Seymour Duncan set is already there. Looks great to me. - Cons; I can't be sure if the pickups are four-conductor or not, and if they're what I plan to leave in, I want them to be four-conductor on a production model. At that price it seems it'd be more worthwhile just to get $10 more and buy the Dillion.

So, thoughts UG? My band plays a mix of everything from punk to grunge to metal to classic rock to modern rock to *Shudders* modern pop and so on. Rig is in sig, but not all of it's there, so if you want a better look, check the gear section on my profile.

As usual, any and all help is appreciated.

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I'd go Dillion, unless you're really looking for a guitar with a trem. Having said that , the EC series are pretty damn good too
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check out the PRS Tremonti SE, i think its better in tone quality and price than the Singlecut SE. i think it goes for $500 and the pickups are great, that was the guitar i first started out with. i own tremonti's sinature model now and honestly the average person probably couldnt tell the difference between it and the SE.
and i wouldn't buy anything you can try out first.
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did i mention i like PRS?

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Id go with the PRS or EC401
PRS are smooth and playable, and the pickups are good stock. I had stock pickups in my SE Standard and they could handle anything
As for the 401, nice looking and good pickups, but for me with these 2 choices itd all come down to feel and playability
The PRS single cut is good. Its not the best SE model. Out of those guitars I'd say its the best. I agree with AE25RR, look at the Tremonti SE if you need an LP copy. If you don't absolutely need a LP copy, look at the PRS SE Custom, it plays and sounds better than any Les Paul style guitar I've ever played.
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The Agile's I've played they have used at the local GC have been so-so, and I never liked ordering over the internet, part of why I'm not fully sure on the Dillion.

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I say go for the EC-256. Play a couple though, because some will sound and play better than others. Don't worry about the low price too much, ESP just cut costs by using their own pickups, basic nickel TOM bridge assembly, basic ESP tuners and a plastic nut.
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