What does everyone think about the G-Dec? I've heard mixed feelings about digital amps and tube amps, but i've seen the G-Dec Jr. and it seemed really nice? If i were to get a G-Dec 30 Watt, would it be a good investment
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I had the GDEC 30. At first it dazzles you with features and stuff. Its fun to record something and loop it back and solo over it. Its got interesting effects and stuff.


It is sooooo time consuming to dial in a setting that actually sounds good. You have to push several buttons just to change the treble, then when you go to bass you need to do more, then back to treble, then mids, then back to bass....basically it takes FOREVER.

To top it all off...you spend allllll that time trying to get a decent sound...and the tones arent even good lol. I barely had a good clean...and it took forever to get, and dont even get me started on the distortion...the distortion is horrible lol

Basically in the begining you might think its a good idea but trust me...you will become sooooo frustrated because the tones suck, and they take forever to adjust.

My suggestion if you want a modeling amp like that is maybe a Peavy Vypyr. If you're willing to go higher in price and still want a modeling amp, I own a SpiderValve212 which is great. People bash spiders but Im 100% serious, the Valve one is nothing like it's solid state brothers.

Either way, you should make your decision based on trying it out. And only buy if you know for sure. Good luck
I thought it was neat.

I saw a review of the G-DEC by the man himself, Eric Johnson. He made it sound godly good, but then again he's EJ. He can make many amps and effects sound good.

I cannot tell you much more except for you to Google said demo and see what I mean.