So it's about time for a new amp. I play all types of rock from indie to metal, but a friend and I are starting a band that probably won't be super high gain. This band should be in full force around august, once we have some stuff written and we're back at school. So, I figure good cleans and good drive are important, I'd like some high gain options but definitley not necessary. Tube obviously is a requirement. I'd also want something smaller for transportation reasons, and if it could get away with playing in a dorm, that'd be great. So maybe 1x12 and like 10-30 watts or something like that, but also something that could rehearse fine and gig. I will be playing an SG standard with stock everything through this amp. I have about $500 right now, can try to get more, but probably don't want to spend more than $1000 on this (cheaper = better). Two channels would be very very, nice, but I won't limit myself to two channel amps. Reverb is nice, not necessary. I live in LA, but go to school in NC, so I would want the amp in NC. I know LA is probably a better place to buy, so I could get it there and ship it. I have no problems with used. Looking to buy it by July/August, but sooner if I have the money for it (i.e. a 500$ amp will be purchased sooner).

That was a very long tangent, sorry if it didn't go anywhere. Here's some ideas I have:

Orange Rocker 30 Combo
Egnater Rebel 20
Fender Blues Jr.
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Budda Superdrive 18 Combo
Engl Thunder Combo
Rivera Pubster Combo
Marshall DSL401

Not a big pedal person, but I'll do a tube-screamer or something if you guys think it'll be good (i.e. for the blues jr.). I've only played the Egnater and the Fenders, but not for long.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: Oh and I will sell the amp and pod in my sig if you guys think that it will be worth it, but I have no idea how much I could get for them.
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if ur mostly about cleans, then go with one of the fenders....

I would suggest a used Mesa F-30 or F-50....
Mainly because the cleans are great, the overdrive is great for your needs especially, it does have built in reverb, and its got a wide variety of tone possibilities so that you can still use it if you decide to play with somebody else.
Try these:

Traynor YCV40WR

Peavey Classic 30

Laney LC-30

ENGL Thunder doesn't have a lot of gain, but has a great crunch tone. In fact, all the amps I've just suggested aren't designed for high-gain sounds. But more than make up for that with great mid-gain tones and good cleans.

I've personally had very little experience with Fender amps. I've played a few, but I'm afraid the names mean nothing to me. That said, I have played the Junior and the Hot Rod; and they are impressive, but the overdrive is not as pronounced or exciting as say the Orange or the ENGL.

The Orange Rocker 30 is a good amp, but the combo is not quite as good as having the head.

The Marshall DSL401 is well worth it, but you will have to buy second hand.

The Egnator, Rivera and the Budda are all amps I haven't had any experience with, at all.

Out of all those, I'd buy a second hand ENGL Thunder. Mainly because it's the only amp I have had exstensive experience with.
I agree with the Mesa suggestions, and having played a Buddha Superdrive 30, I really liked it. Might want to get an OD with it though. I didnt get to crank it and for some reason I wasnt getting a lot of gain out of the thing. Or maybe it was just be being unfamiliar with the amp. But the Buddha is going to cost you more.
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