you turned you guitar...into a bass? 0.o...

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Hand of Blood - BFMV (Rythm Guitar)
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restring it then do this

Vela, together we await the storm- human abstract (drop c)

if thats too hard, then

waking the demon - BFMV (drop c)
I play Symphony Of Destriction in D standard, i think it sounds better IMO
look at the rythm parts to some Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine, Zico Chain and i think Black Label Society have a few songs in D Standard
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Numbered Days - Killswitch Engage

And seriously, get strings for your guitar :|
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Restring your guitar [-_-]
And when you do, Sixpounder by Children of Bodom is a good song to learn. (Drop C)
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Yeah. If you want to get better at guitar learn some COB! F all that hardcore breakdown crap. or using 8, 7, and 5 variations.
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Note : I keep my ibanez in E standard, I'm using my dean which I only use for drop c type ****. I don't care enough about it to restring it at the moment :P
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Fun songs in drop C/d standard?

With all due respect, I don't think any of these metal bands sat down, tuned their guitars down to drop C, turned up the gain on their Triple Recs and said "right, this song is going to be fun, fun, FUN!"

And definitely do some Bodom. Good downtuned stuff to be had there.
1. restring you guitar

2. play some All That Remains (most of their older stuff is in D Standard, newer stuff C# Standard)
COB, Necrophagist, Death, symphony x and wintersun (though i believe some wsun might be in e standard)

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Umh - don't tell me you just turned the E string up to D by tighting the string pulling the string more to the head?

Because that causes them to break. You should go in the direction of loosening the strings.


The Odyssey by Symphony X should keep you busy for a few month (It is 24 minutes)

Or you could try ommunion and the Oracle by Symphony X
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-Symphony X
I Dont Wanna Stop- Ozzy

Pretty good if you can do pinch harmonics :P
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