i am refinishing the top of a jackson ps-7 it was a dark green on a flame top it was so dark it looked black unless it was in sunlight,i am no finish expert and have read the reranch tutorials and know you want some dark color first to realy show the flame i have sanded it to the point it is in the pics i have left some color and was thinking of doing a light color like amber my question is if i go an amber over what i have is it going to look right as you can see there is a light green still in there this is my first time doing a color tinting using this body for practice before doing a quilted lp i know if i screw it up its done i don't think the veneer will take another sanding give me some opinions should i sand more and get all the green out or will it be ok as is???......thanks
Better pics would help

and no you havent sanded enoughto put a different colour on, there is still loads of green?

How thick is the flame maple top? I probably wouldnt have recommended you re finish it as its probably a thin top and you may sand through it.

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the pics are really small, so it's hard to tell, but I think you'll be best off going a bit further with the sanding. assuming the top isn't a thin veneern that you can go through :|

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yea,having trouble sizeing the pics they either go slightly to big or small like i have,i will try resizeing them again