I want to know if somebody has made experiences with the "Epiphone Invader".
I searched through this forum but couldn't find a Thread that already exists about that guitar...

Yeah of course I know that I should go into the next musicstore and test it on my own but the problem is, that the musicstore next to me doesn't sell this guitar...
So: Tell me what you know about this cheap guitar....
it seems like a les paul Jr. to me
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i think that "Invader" refers to the name of the starter pack which includes a les paul junior and a bunch of other things. i'm not sure really, i managed to buy a junior separately, mine is good, but i've heard a lot of bad things about them too, so you really must try before you buy as they are very varied - i must admit i've played some really dodgy ones which i've hated, but i really like the one i ended up buying.
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I have this guitar and i can say it's really good.
many people say it's good for beginners

and i love how it looks
I have an INVADER, bought cheap at an auction for a house clearance.
It's very light but has a lovely clean tone (I'm not a great fan of distortion). Perfect for practise and works brilliantly with my Zoom 5050 II effects box. The Invader was originally sold as part of a pack and is the same as an Epiphone Junior - just a different name. The Invader is no longer being sold, but the Junior is.

It has two main points of weakness -

(1) The tuners are very poor - well, the ones for GBE are. No real problem with EAD.
(2) The tone pot crackles a lot and has not responded to contact cleaner fluid.

Has anyone changed these units on their Invader or Epiphone Junior?
If so - what did you fit and where did you buy them?
I THINK that Gotoh S38's fit but I'll need to drill - not sure yet.
Just to say that I've sifted through loads of parts on
(The UK equivalent of Stewmac.com) and have ordered a set of replacement tuners and a replacement pot for the tone control.

When I do all the replacements, I'll feedback on how things go and what Invader is like afterwards.

axesrus is a great site for anyone on this side of 'the pond' who wants to look for accessories or replacement parts - there are photos and dimension diagrams galore.
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Since my last post in this thread, I've had some work done on the Invader and it's proving to be a far better instrument that it has any right to be for the amount it cost. Very little is known about this instrument so I included everything I've been able to find out in a demo now uploaded to Youtube.


Maybe this will be of use or interest to anyone who encounters one of these guitars.
Of course, if you have any other info about the history of the Invader, please think about adding a reply to this thread.