My local guitar stores dont have a great selection and I cant find any places in the Greater Manchester area (england) which stock Danelectro 59's and I dont want to travel stupid distances just to get one. (My local guitar stores only tend to stock fender's, gibson's, ibanez's, epiphone's etc but I just want a good cheap second guitar to replace my squier) So should I try before I buy it? (if I can find a store that is, if anybody know of any?) or should I just stick my neck out and buy it?
Talk to a seller at the shop, and see if they can order one. Make sure you don't HAVE to buy it, just because you requested the guitar. I did this with my new Ibanez, without being bound to buy it (I did buy it though, and with a large discount price, yay).
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ask if they can order one for you to try at your local store, if that doesn't work then, stick your neck out and buy it
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i ordered a classic vibe tele without trying and got yelled at by my friends for breaking the guitar-buying golden rule

but id say its worth it
Good Danos are common; Danelectro to me represent some of the best value for money there is to be had. The problem is that, with any guitar, if you buy one you haven't tried you could wind up with a duffer. Quite common at the Dano's price point.
I agree with the above posters, you should ask your local store to order one in/ But do make sure there's no strings attached when they do. None except the guitar strings, anyway. You'll want to make sure those are on there.
So far i bought two of my guitars without trying it out. damn i really love them just do enough research

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Quite common at the Dano's price point.

that would be my big concern- at that price, i'm scared of taking the risk (sounds counter-intuitive, lol, but you know what i mean), i haven't been able to try them either...
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