Hi, I'm a fella who's interested in guitar but right now i have a big problem: I have no idea how to proceed on what to train!!! The things i've learn now are basically major, minor and 7th chords. Could someone enlighten me by telling me what to learn and progress with my guitar? thanks alot!!
Try learning some songs that you really like, simple ones though, or try some of the easier lessons on UG
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I think you off to a great start! All have my learning has included 4 things.
1) learn theory
2) learn lots of tabs (starting w easy and progress)
3) Practice, Practice, Practice
4) while doing everything don't get too frustrated and keep going.

You'll be a master in know time
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Have a look at songs you like and try and learn em. Learn minor pentatonic scale and major scale. Look at some lessons on UG for help
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learn a few simple songs you like that have the chords you know, then learn some theory and harder songs.
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Learn some theory. Learn some songs you like and learn the theory behind it. Keep doing this, throw in some writing and your done.
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These are great tips, thanks. I play keyboard myself but am looking to get into guitar also to expand my range.

This will help me a lot. =)
-Tommy S.