I popped into the guitar shop today on the way home from school, and saw this strat, in arctic white with a gold pickguard. I thought, 'nice!', so I took a closer look. I got to the headstock, and there was no logo, but it was in the proper Fender shape, so naturally, I was intrigued. I asked the bloke behind the counter what it was, and he said, 'not a clue'. So I tried it, and I was pleasantly surprised! It was gorgeous! Played perfectly, sounded excellent, and it looked great! The thing that took my breath away was the price though; it was £180, which works out about $300 ish.
Tomorrow, I'm taking my Epiphone Les Paul in for part exchange, and the strat will be mine!
I'd love to know if this has happened to anyone else! Anyone else picked up a mysterious guitar that turns out to be amazing?
Awesome man! Sounds like a beast. Be sure to come back with pics!
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I agree.

Take picturess!!
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Nice man. Not every great guitar has a popular name attached to it. Good find and def. post pics.
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Kinda how I scored my Kimaxe Custom at a flea market. $100 basket case, but had an OFR. Basically I had an amazing guitar given to me in pieces for the discounted price of a gold OFR
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Pics!!! We want pics of the axe xD

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NIce Find! What shop was that at?

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I'll post pics tomorrow, when I've actually got it, and it's at Music Central, on the Isle of Wight, in England