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My friend played rhythm and I did the vocals and most of the lead. I just got my Rode NT1-A mic, so this was the first chance I had to record vocals with something other than my crappy computer mic. I'm not very good at singing, just hoping that I can keep improving.

Anyway, if you could give it a listen and let me know what you think that would be great. It would be awesome if you could listen to one of the other covers and let me know if I'm improving with me vocals, but any comments are appreciated. Thanks.


(Short: New mic, let me know what you think, not great singer, hoping to improve)

edit: oh yeah, I improvised some of the lyrics cause I was just practicing with the mic, so it doesn't make much sense, but I won't be able to record again for awhile, so I wanted to post it anyway.
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Thanks for your comment.

The guitar was great, but you do need to work on your singing. I've found that the best way to get better at singing is simply to sing (sounds obvious doesn't it) as much as you can. I sing harmonies to songs whenever I'm driving or just sitting at my desk listening to music. So far it's helped a lot . Other than that try to use more air to make your voice stronger, and concentrate a lot on staying on pitch.

You also need to raise the volume of the vocal track a little bit, or pan it back to the middle, because in some spots it's very hard to hear.
The vocals are a bit quiet in places. Maybe some volume automation or compression there; it's not throughout the entire song. The vocals are spotty in some places.

I've found what's helped me a lot is, aside from singing all the time like samick said, is singing, on pitch, with things. Not just harmonies and in general, but singing along with the same pitches. This will help you become better at staying on pitch, by having a reference while you sing. Then, of course, the idea is to sing the song without the vocal track, if possible.

Also, singing with a keyboard, or even guitar. Just play scales and sing along with them, doing the same thing I talked about with songs.

The recording quality is quite good, that new mic is working well! I think I would have done the panning with one guitar on either side and the vocals in the middle, though. I think it puts more emphasis on them, and the words are almost always the focus of the song. This also keeps the two guitars seperate enough that you can appreciate them both for what they're doing.

Now, I've never heard the original, so I can't comment on how close it is, but the quality of the playing and recording is quite good. Just working on vocals a bit, and maybe some mixing options.

If you wouldn't mind looking at mine, I'd appreciate it. The link is in my signature.
Thanks for the crits guys, I'll get to yours soon.

I posted a version where I fixed the vocals, and panned the guitars a bit.

Turns out one of the vocal tracks was muted the first time I uploaded it, hence the vocals being to one side only. For some reason when I record it only records to the right channel so I need to make two tracks for everything.
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If you wouldn't mind looking at mine, I'd appreciate it. The link is in my signature.

Thanks a lot for crit, I appreciate the effort.

I gave "Life" a couple of listens. Is it an original? If so it's not bad. I think there's some sort of shaker going on for percussion? I would probably take that out, or differ it from the strumming pattern. It kind of just makes it sound fuzzy, in fact I actually thought it just was fuzzy at first. It could work, but it needs a different beat than just 12121212.

The lyrics are good from what I've gathered. I like the kinda break down you have at the solo, especially when it starts up again, it sounds really good especially with how you had you're voice in there a bit. Again though, that shaker thing just isn't doin it for me, but the beat did change a little so that was good. It sounded to me like there was a bit of a mistake midway through the solo, and I think part of it was offbeat.

I really liked the end, especially the final lyrics. Overall, good job, and if you ever record another version send me a message or something and I'll check it out