I'm looking to buy one, can anyone tell me anything about it or recommend it?

I found one for £170 which is exactly $247.962 (according to google lol). Is there any other amps in this price range i should consider?
I used one for about 6 months, and for the price, the power, and the tone, its a damn nice little amp.
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Really good if you plan to use pedals with it. Distortion is nice, but not super high gain. I might suggest a Peavey Vypyr amp, which is about $300 for a 75 watt amp.
I got mine for £150. pretty good. I get a kind of anthrax sound from it.

what style of music do you play?
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I love mine. Nice and loud (unless you're playing in like a stadium or something), and good tone. But as mentioned, I would look into a distortion pedal if you don't already have one.
i love mine too. great tone and versatility. very good amp for the price in my opinion. i paid $500 Aus for it. weighs a ton though haha. but yes, id recommend it

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