The Karl Mundt Project

he has it for free download here: http://sharecash.org/download.php?id=12023 (i know its annoying to start the download (you have to fill in some info) but its really quick and its worth it in my opinion).

Someone linked me to this guy. Keeping in mind he's 85 years old his music sounds surprisingly young and modern. Also for a seemingly low-key project, the quality doesnt sound too bad either.

Pedro “Karl Mundt” Pereira is an 85-year-old Portuguese wannabe multi-instrumentalist/serial killer. After playing guitar for 16 years he got bored and decided to expand his disastrous capabilities to drums and bass also.

What do you guys think about him?

Also (so this could be like a discussion) do you think his age makes his music more respectable/credible? Especially for a senile man going for a young sound
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