Looking for a cheap DS1'ish type pedal shipped to indiana. paying with Paypal. Want it to be battery operated

I sometimes it's nice to have distortion w/o lugging the board around
I'm at Purdue and would be willing to sell you a Digitech Hot Rod...
PM if interested.
I might also interest you in a Digitech Distortion Factory (without expression)
i'd probably ask $30 for the Factory and $15 for the Hot Rod, I would have to figure out shipping
if I can get it shipped for $23 or less, I'll be all for it! I've sent pedals before via UPS and that's been about $5-8.

PM me for info on paypal
i have a micro metal muff for $45 shipped. really good pedal, but i just don't use it much.
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that's a bit more than i was wanting to pay - but thanks for the offer!
sweet pedal - I own one myself. Thx for the offer, but i'm looking for more of a distortion than OD