i'm not sure if versatility is the word to describe it, but I want to know how much range of sounds the Epiphone 1958 Ebony Explorer or the Epiphone Korina V has. I like to play metal and hard rock, and I've grown to liken both black metal and power metal. I know that the Explorer/V is used in metal before( Mastodon, Coheed And Cambria, Machinehead), but those were:

1. Gibsons(pretty sure)
2. These bands don't have that tone I'm looking for. I want to play really deep and trebly chords with really sharp harmonics(Think Children Of Bodom, etc.) but I don't think I can get that out of a Epiphone Explorer/V with spending another few hundred bucks on EMG's and a distortion pedal. My amp can make the tones I'm looking for, but I'm using an Ibanez, which has been proven to be able to get the sound I want. Don't try to give me answers using Gibson Explorers/V's because those are out of my price range, while Epiphone has a good price.
Pretty versatile, you may need a pup change if you're not satisfied with the tone.
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I see from your signature that you use a Epiphone. Even though I don't want a LP, are you able to get the tone I want? If so, did you change the pups or buy any pedals?
I just looked at your gear an lolwut? That Ibanez starter amp is not going to work. If you think that is giving you a good CoB tone, you're ears are broken.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
Check the OP. I said I WANT to play stuff like CoB, so thats why I want new gear. Never said I could play it. And If I did, then I made a mistake, and I meant to say the above.
its funny because i actually own both of them. both guitars are very similar in sound with the heavier explorer being a little bit throatier as well. in our set i use cleans as well as amp distortion and stock pickups can achieve both well. right now i have my V loaded with gibson 57 classics so they are higher output than the stock ones, but they sound awesome even with clean. as was stated above, your amp shapes your sound more than anything else. pickups come next and you can always replace those. go play these guitars, see how you like it. the explorers neck is also a little faster, though for me it might be because my V is a '98. but i'll vouch for both of them, really really great guitars that will stand the test of time. and they look awesome too, just like the gibsons.
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Zaxl: Thanks for the hands-on info. But I just have one question. I played the Epiphone 1958 Goth Explorer a few months ago, and it had a very fat neck. I was fast, but I found it a tiny bit hard for my hand to really round out on it. I've got somewhat of small hands, so I had to struggle just a bit to reach the Low E string. Is the Ebony/Korina Ex neck this fat?
Umm...thanks for the pic, but that's not the guitar I'm looking for, nor does it really help me...
The lead player in my metalcore band uses an Epi Korina V. I don't know about CoB sounds, but its great for stuff like Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine, and All That Remains.
IMO gibsons or epis arent that great for metal
gibsons are alright but since epis are cheap versions of a gibson then i think you should just get a jackson or a ESP
but if you like epis or gibson
dont listen to me
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No,they're to high end for me.I usually just walk into a random building and scream "FIX MY BANJO NOW!!!!" until they hit me with sticks and call the police.
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... I played the Epiphone 1958 Goth Explorer a few months ago, and it had a very fat neck. ... Is the Ebony/Korina Ex neck this fat?
I have one and the neck is nowhere near to being considered "fat" I have the MIK set neck ... I've played the Epi Korina and from what I can remember, it had the same neck profile ... or maybe I'm confusing the Korina with the Epi with the FR?!?

Anyway, the Epi Explorer is a very nice Bang for the $$$ ... mine was Used for less than $200. I have the slightly hotter Gibson '57 ... upgraded the pots and switch and caps to match the Gibson version and through a H&K TriAmp MK II and Peavey JSX, absolutely slays.