if you use a pick for a bass is that kind of noobish instead of using your fingers. I love using the pick for everything but I have noticed many bassists use there fingers.
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A lot of punk and metal bassists use a pick because of the speed they need. I love playing fingerstyle because of the delicious sound opposed to a click-like trebly sound from the pick. It's just up to your preference. If you play fingerstyle, you have a lot more possibilities, but it depends on the genre.
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Matter of taste i think. I started playing with my fingers, and was comftorble with it, but then i started to play guitar aside of playing bass, and sorta went over to play with a pick for bass too. I still use my fingers for some songs, like Tie Your Mother Down and rock'n'roll like that. I use a pick for Slayer, Metallica and everything that needs a trebly sound.
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I use fingers.
I believe most bass elitists will tell you it is supreme to a pick.

Bass elitists can shove that up their ass.

Use whatever you want- expand and use all. Don't limit your bass paying arsenal, because there may be situations where a pick will be fantastic, and other times when fingers is what you need. Anyone who says different is wrong, simply put.
its just a matter of opinion, if you like the feel/sound then do it.

in my band i use a pick because were punk and it gives a better punk sound but on my own i use fingers as i prefer the sound when doing more slow/funky stuff
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It's all about what sound you want, sometimes you gotta get that treble sound to fit a song. I play with my fingers cause it has a fuller deeper tone and sounds much better. Don't let anyone tell you its about the speed of a song, because I can play songs that are usually picked with my fingers no problem. But when I need a pick to get a certain sound I'll use one. Just use both until you either find one you like more than the other or just keep playing both.
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congrats if u can use fingers on them speedy songs, but stick to the pick if you really want. When i play bass, i swap between picks and fingers, depending on the song. If you're covering a band, play like they do, but if you're doing your own stuff then you can choose.
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I'm a fingers only guy. Nothing against using a pick (i'm primarily a guitarist, i'll have you know), i just find it very unnatural and uncomfortable using a pick on bass, and i feel that my fingers speed, steadiness and general technique has improved so much since i stopped using a pick
I use picks when I need the tone. Normally, I just dig into my strings, but sometimes I have to realize that I cannot get that bright of a sound without a pick. I also use picks for my delay effects because it just sounds better. I guess I also use them for somewhat tremolo like lines because I am cleaner at doing so with a pick.

I prefer fingers, but they aren't always the best.

(Plus some music is just more fun with a pick, like punk and pop-punk)
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