hello all, new to this fine forum!

I've bought an Ibanez s520ex more for versatility and as fine a guitar it is (the trem system is very good), BUT...

the pickups (INF1 & 2) just suck, the bridge one can pass for rythm but neither are good for lead guitar. I plan to put the bridge PU in the neck and buy a new bridge PU.

I was hoping someone might recommend a replacement bridge pickup, along the styles of EVH, Sambora, Santriani etc. Hi-gain stuff really.

Any ideas?

Email Jeff from HighOrder Pickups. He'll build you a set of pickups that'll blow your mind.
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what amp are you using?
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There will probably be a lot of people who will come on this thread and tell you to get a new amp before you get new pickups because 'you won't notice a change at all' or some other crap like that. I'm here to tell you ahead of time that you WILL hear a difference. As a previous owner of a nice little crate practice amp I can attest to the fact that you'll hear one. So there, now all you butt-hurt tone snobs can say what you want.
Fargen Olde 800 1x12 Combo
Ernie Ball/Musicman Axis Super Sport Rosewood with custom HighOrder Pickups
Seymour Duncan Custom Custom or Custom 5, Dimarzio Mo'Joe or Fred would be good bets (SD's would lean more toward your EVH sounds, the Dimarzios would be more Satriani-esque). Custom 5 would probably be your best bet at covering all those tones.
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Duncan Custom 5 or Dimarzio Norton are the standout candidates - not sure how much difference they'll make through that amp though.
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thanks for the comments, I went for the Dimarzio Super Distortion DP100 in the end. PUP selection is as wide as it is long so it was more of an informed guess in the end.

Put them on friday and so far so good, a world a difference between that it and the stock INF2's. Much brighter, clearer & nicer sounding.

Thanks again.