It's not actually the arm, but the part you screw the arm into. See theres a top and bottom part to that little mechanism and they screw together. but i guess it came loose and now i can't find the screw. anyone know where i could find a screw like it?
(I think its supposed to be an allen wrench screw, but i dont know how big.)
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just glue it in

Definitely not this, get a new arm, or ask at a local music shop for the part you need.
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Well, you can buy FR parts but I don't know if you can get that part. But is this on the system or is it on the bar the part you mean?

Also, LOL @ your sig. GH noobs FTL.
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Get on ebay. (USA site is where i got mine). look around for trem arm with collar. Its the trem arm with the socket with it, which you can pop straight in as a replacement.
to oneblackened: well its not the bar, it's the socket you put the bar into. and i you don't have that screw that i recently lost, the socket will detach and there'll just be a big gaping hole. (by the way mine is a licensed charvel FR not original) And thanks about my sig, lol.

to davester: actually i do have a bar with the collar, but like i said to blackened, it's the hole, not the bar

thanks for the info, ill look around ebay some