I guess this is the right forum for this. Sorry if its not.

So I play an Ibanez PGM guitar equipped with a floating trem. I had a tremol-no installed and it worked great. Well, (don't ask me how) the bridge sort of got jacked up on my guitar, and I had to take it to the shop to get it repaired. When I got the guitar back the bridge was fixed and the action was perfect, however, there is a problem; my tremol-no no longer works!

As most of you know, the Tremol-No will lock and unlock, so that your guitar will go in and out of floating trem/hard tail mode. Well, when the tremol-no is locked, everything works fine. The bridge and action are perfect. However, when the Tremol-No is unlocked, the bridge will raise significantly, and the instrument will go out of tune. In the past when it was installed properly, the guitar would not go out of tune, nor would the bridge would not raise to the extent it does now when the unit was locked and unlocked.

My question is, what went wrong? I'm guessin the technician who worked on my guitar must not have knew how to work around this component. And the most important question is, what can I do to fix this? Thanks in advance.
more trem springs probably.
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take it back to him and tell him that he screwed up, and that you want him to fix it for free. Then what went wrong is his problem.
(him=guitar tech)

and he should have checked the system before he gave it back to you.
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I'll look into the spring possibility, but the amount of springs didn't change, although I guess the difference in bridge tension may change the need for them.

And yes, if I can't get the answer here on how to fix it, I'll probably take it back to him, although I'm not sure I want him touching it again if he doesn't know about the unit.

Anyone else???