Intro: Great intro, nothing more to say...

bar 11: I liked the interplay between the two guitars.

bar 15: this riff isn't anything special, didn't like it a lot...

bar 19: this one was pretty cool, especially with the stop you put in there! The bass slides work really well too! The switch to the more melodic part was cool as well!

Solo: The tempo change wasn't very fluent... The solo itself was good and fit within the melodic context! The return to the main riff flowed nicely.

bar 66: Great harmony!

The breakdown thing was pretty boring after a while. You should put some sort of lead line on top of it...

87 - 89 this switch didn't work too well...

The ending melodies in all their variations were great, a very suiting finish to the song!

Overall, I must say I enjoyed it! 8/10

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The riff at bar 15 has got to go in my opinion. You should progress the riff at bar 19 a lot further to compensate for the loss.

Bar 66 could also go into infinity, progress it more as well.

As what saddam said, 87-89 was kind of iffy to me too. I like the ending a lot.