Hi, what do you think I should buy next, a new bass or effects pedals? At the moment I have an Ibanez BTB200 and a Marshall MB4210 combo. Which would affect the tone more and basically which is more worth it as I want to have a more versatile sound.

you tone would be helped greatly by changing amps, it is just a personal preference but i dislike marshall mb series amps.

if your looking for versatility? a multi effects pedal?
I'm not being factitious here, but do you really like your Marshall? You have a good bass--and nothing improves tone in my opinion like a good amp upgrade. Plus, a good amp will serve you well for years no matter what kind of music you play.

[edit] Damn I was slow on the post on that one, lol.
Well then, do you have any amp suggestions? I'd like it to be fairly powerful as I do play gigs with a couple of hundred people at the most without being hooked up to a PA.
as always try before you buy. but a general consensus seems to recommend:

- hartke
- acoustic
- ashdown
- gallien krueger (personal favourite)

anarkee cant we have a thread for this question? it gets asked a millions times a day.
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It needs to be part of the FAQ, which does need to be overhauled.

There are a few things Ben and I need to sort out, but since Ben has got a huge amount of stuff on his plate at present, I may take on the rewrite of the FAQ soon. More to follow.

And yes I would recommend...

Hartke, Carvin, acoustic if you are looking to go transparent

Trace Elliot, Ampeg (Higher end) or Ashdown if you want a more distinct amp driven tone.