I saw some threads in search about where to buy Mesa online, and you've always been able to order then directly from Mesa if they werent available at your local guitar store.....but Mesa's website now is advertising a new Mesa online store and that will now include amplifiers. The website isnt showing the amps yet, it says call Mesa directly still....but I thought some of you might find it interesting. I know about a month ago I was wondering where in the heck to get one, but I actually found a good local dealer who was really helpful, so thats where I plan to buy my Mark V ; )

Ooooh...check out the consignment section!
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Thanks man. I'm hoping they'll put an amp section up.

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From a business perspective, I'm amazed it took them this long. With that said, the difficulty in finding a Mesa is also why they retain their value so much.....well besides the fact they kick as$!
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Ooooh...check out the consignment section!

Damn I wish I had cash. Used Express 5/50 for 900 is not bad at all

---This is a cool store too- they sell covers for their cabs,shirts, jackets, and stickers for $1

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