Hi guys..
Can someone play classical gas with pick fast enough?
I mean smooth as fingerpicking..
(I know pros or etc. can definitely..)
An intermediate player maybe?
I was wondering cause different and far strings are played in the song at the same time..
Maybe you could give me some advice about the song..
Thanks in advance..
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i'd like to hear these pros... it sounds like it should when the notes are played in unison, fingerpicked.

if you can't figerpick, it's a pretty fun song to try to learn on.

some pedals
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English not your first language?

No, it's not worth attempting to learn it using a pick.

No it is not..

Thank you for your reply..
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Classical Gas->Classical Guitar->Fingerpick->FINGERPICK FTW
´nuff said
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I know it pretty well up to the bit where you have to barre at the 5th fret. I gave it up at that point. but my friend can play it very well
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