Ok, since I got this thing on boxing day I've had annoyances with this thing. It didn't come with the adapter it was supposed to so I had to get the store to order one (no additional charge thankfully) and wait for a month or so for it to arrive. The warranty card I mailed in, I put the wrong stamp on so I got it back too late to mail in again. Anyway the bitchin continues:

My main problem is ever since I've been able to use it, sometimes or a lot of the time if it gets bumped or there's a decent amount of vibration the effect will cut out. The light is still on but nobody home. This also kills the other effects signals which sucks, though the guitar can still be heard. If I bump it enough it turns back on again.

SO, anyone know the cause? If it's easy to fix? Maybe a simple soldering of something?
Yeah that has to be a loose wire in there. Take it to a tech to get it fixed, or try taking it to the shop where you got it and see if they can do anything about it.
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my guess would be a ****ty jack or some loose wires. Crack er open and take a look around.
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yeah, I guess I might as well since it's not warranty-ed'd.

Edit: well inside it looks like a whole sort of electrickery. Isolating the problem could prove a challenge since I have no good idea on how it works. I'm guessing it's not the power since light stays on. The jacks look too simple to be "bad".
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