Hey i've just started using Ableton live

I used to use cubase on my pc, and for drums I would create beats on guitar pro and export them as midi files and then import them into cubase.

Trying to do this on ableton and when i import the midi file i dont think it uses the same mapping key or something?? because it doesn't playback anything..

any help would be sweet!
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Do you have a drum plugin on the track? I know it sounds obvious, but you never know.
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yeah i assigned the pack that comes with ableton to it, but yer is the midi mapping on a mac different to that on the pc or something? coz it shows all the notes but they're not assigned to parts of the kit if that makes sense...?
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Did you import it into the arrangement view or session view?

arrangement...it sucks becoz im trying to learn a mac os as well as a new program lol!
haha i just realised i named the thread IMPORTANTING instead of IMPORTING, wtf lol
I'm having the same problem, the imported file looks great but there is no sound even after setting up an instrument because the notes are in the wrong key and I dunno how to change it!
Had the same problem. I managed to solve it. Drag the guitar pro midi file into the "2 Midi" track. The overlay that track with an instument in the window on the left. Click on the track you want to edit then click on the midi tab on the bottom (should have the piano keys on the left of the window. Click on the key you want to edit, this should select the whole row for that track. The press *Ctrl Shift* followed by the *UP or DOWN* key on your computer keyboard. This will move the track row in your selected direction. You can also move the whole track by selecting all the rows, but the instruments may not line up, so you could have a bass drum where your snare sound should be. Hope this helps