Yeah, so I just got a tc electronics g-major and a roland fc-300. I can work the g-major by itself just fine, but can't quite figure out how to control it with the fc-300, and I'm trying to avoid reading either one of their manuals as much as possible, since a lot of the information is german to me (I don't speak german). I spent the past few hours messin with it and the only thing i accomplished was makin one of the expression pedals control the whammy (followed by an hour of watchin my dogs turn their heads at the sounds). So all I wanna do here is be able to set an effect preset to a pedal, then be able to switch them on/off like they were regular effects pedals, so any help would be awesome
Midi is actually quite simple once you understand a few basics. Essentially what you are going to want to do is use "Program Change" messages to change which preset on the G-Major you are using and then use "Control Change" messages for other details like switching on/off individual effects without changing presets or using the expression pedal to control various parameters.

My advice is to find a few good basic Midi write-ups online and get as much of a basic understanding as possible, then read and reread both manuals. Midi can get you almost limitless possibilities, but you have to do the research, there's really not any way to cheap out on it.
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