Hot guitar action!

There isn't that much interesting parts though. This is a safe song. Very cliche, but not that it would be automatically a bad thing. Somehow this reminds me of Spinal Tap.

Yeah, the song is good and flows nicely, but there isn't that much to say about it. It's ok, but nothing new or interesting. Even the solos are pretty basic stuff... even boring at some points... like at bar 119 and so on.

Yeah... I really don't have any suggestions... because the song is constructed well and it serves its purpose. I'd like to hear something a little more interesting there, but that's not for everyone. The song is pretty damn good as it is... just not for me.

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Well, this sounded like a very basic rock song to me.
The rythm guitars were very standard, even uninspired if I may say so. You just play around with the same chords over and over again, without ever doing something different with them...
The solos provided something of a distraction from the boring rythms, but they quickly got old as well. Pentatonic soloing just annoys the hell out of me! All rock players ever seem to do is wank around the pentatonic scale using the same cliched shapes over and over again. For some reason they don't seem to understand that after a while, it starts getting less and less interesting to listen to... Your solos are exactly like that i'm afraid. The only thing that caught my attention was the sweep in bar 27, but that's about it.

I know this seems a very harsh comment, but I'm just not a rock and roll kind of guy, I need music that's a little more experimental than that. For that reason I didn't really enjoy this, but I'm sure a lot of other people would, because it's pretty catchy.

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