Hello again, fellow UGers, it's that time once again, for a new axe! (Or it will be shortly anyways...) I've been vigorously saving money for college to prevent taking out a loan, and I've reached well over the cost of the course already. I deposit $200 every two weeks into a high interest savings account which was intended for college fees, but I'm going to continue depositing money at least until the summer so I'll have a nice wad of spending money over the summer. I've calculated that I'll have over $6000 by summer, about half of which is going towards college. Therefore, I'll have $3000 spending money. I plan on using about $2000 of this money for a used car, leaving me with $1000 for a new axe. Last year, about a week after purchasing a beautiful American strat, I took a trip to my local L&M with a buddy only to fall in love with this sexy beast.


This guitar came from a Chinese custom shop, and as I don't have much experience with Chinese guitars, I was wondering how good the quality of product from China is.
I've picked up and played the guitar, and it feels simply amazing, only thing I'll need to do is plug 'er in to see how gently she weeps. If there are any other suggestions for a nice guitar please post them. I think I'm sticking with Ibanez this year simply because I love the feel, look, and sound of their instruments, but I'll accept any suggestions. I play a wide range of music from classic rock to shred to a little heavy metal, but mostly shred now. I'm willing to spend up to $2000, but no more.

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wow that guitar looks awsome
sorta like a schecter too but if you really like it then go for it
i mean its whether you like it not anyone else does
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No,they're to high end for me.I usually just walk into a random building and scream "FIX MY BANJO NOW!!!!" until they hit me with sticks and call the police.
I agree in the fact that that guitar reminds me of a schecter. It also looks like a decent deal for the price (which I'm not entirely sure upon because its given in Euros, sorry... If you know what that is in $USD I could give you a better estimate). If you like it, by all means go for it.

As for your question about it being good quality because its from China, its hard to say. Good quality guitars are not always exclusive to certain countries. By this I mean that for example one Korean manufactured line of guitars could be of excellent quality, while a different company based also in Korea could manufacture complete pieces of trash. You can't judge just on where it is made. Of course some countries tend to have better reputations than others, for example, guitars made in the USA have the reputation of being better-made but more costly.

I cannot give an answer on Chinese made guitars as I don't have alot of experience with them. However, I can tell you that Ibanez has a pretty good reputation for making solid guitars. But still, it really all boils down to if the guitar feels solid to you. If so, then get it, if not, don't.