The song in question is "Harvester of sorrow". Need to clean up my playing a little.


This probably isn't going to come out right, but first and second string notes are palm muted.

I can't find an explanation on the web on hpw to stop open strings ringing after palm mute.

For the top string I always use my thumb.

Can someone tell me?
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I don't know. I would like to know this too. Only thing I could think of is if we used one of our other fingers to deaden it after we switch to that third note.
well, move your picking hand up the bridge a little more and right hand mute it with the meat of your palm, or use your left hand and wrap your thumb around the 5th and 6th strings, since the note you're playing is open on the 4th string you don't need to fret anything
I'm sort of having the same problem with master of puppets interlude.

Will try to place hands to I can mute with meat of palm