My band and I were thinking about covering some songs from more obscure bands, mainly some Boxelder or Orange Grove or some less well known Fishbone. I was wondering if covers that not many people may know would be a hit or miss, probably because the whole point of a cover is for people to recognize the song, right?
Are you playing for you, or are you playing for an audience? What do you think *they* want to hear?

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well even if they dont know it that can fine. it worked out well with jimi hendrix with hey joe. most people think its his song but its not. so it might help you out if people like it.

Hendrix was given a song by his manager on the assumption that it would be a hit when re-worked in his style. This was common in the industry back then, when much fewer artists wrote their own material. You see it today with pop stars. For instance, the Pussycat Doll's 'Dontcha' was originally written for another singer, and it was released as a single, but failed to chart. So the publisher of the song gave it to them, and it became a huge hit.
Anyway, the point is, it's not a great example as a) this band clearly isn't at the level where Hendrix was when Hey Joe came out (signed to a label, much underground buzz internationally, professional management). At this point, the point of covers in your set should be to make the crowd remember you. Obscure covers aren't terrible, but it kind of defeats the purpose.
If you want to play a song that YOU want to play for fun and not just get people's attention, then play an obscure one. If you really want attention (not a bad thing!) then play something well known but not too well known.
Depends on what the song is

It doesen't realy matter what band it is as long as you sound well good playing the song it is fine
Go for it, test it out. If it doesn't get the response you where looking you can aways change the set list for next time.
do it.

if no one in the crowd knows what it is, they might think its an original. haha
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Lol I know where you are coming from. I wanted to cover Break Me Down by Alter Bridge but the guys were like "not that many people know who they are" so we ended up going with The Red by Chevelle and jumped on the Skynyrdwagon and did our version of Simple Man. I just wanted to have fun doing a song I enjoyed, but all in all I guess the other guys were right, the point of a cover is to play something people know so they can get into it.
There are a whole bunch of weird songs I'd love to cover, but I've had to get past it and accept that our point in playing covers is to keep as many people excited and interested in the show as possible. Meaning, songs that everyone knows.

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It depends on your audiance. At this point, my band just plays any covers because our audinances gnerally have not heard the songs . Seriously, nobody knows when we cover Peace Sells that it's over played
It's a great idea if people don't know it they'll think it's yours and if they do know it they'll give you more respect for it
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If it's a good song that you like to play and you make it abundantly clear it's a cover I don't see the harm.