Don't you think Mr. Satriani could have conjured a better title for this group?

I mean Chickenfoot....really?
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Don't you think TS could have conjured a better thread for this forum?

I mean *reported*

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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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Karvid is sexy

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Why is it that some folks quote praise from other members in their sig lines?
Its lame.
dont you think you couldve taken the time to use spell check?
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
As long as the Satch brang the magic i don't care.

Yay for overused memes!
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Maybe there's a special meaning for it. You don't know. My first thoughts were what the **** does Russell.Thayer mean? But, I'll probably never know (and don't wanna know so don't tell me)
I must admit I don't how to change the title, but even in my error a bit of truth emerges:

EVEN THE TITLE CHICKFOOT would serve as a more interesting name.LOL