ok well im really into playing the stuff that has low tuning (slipknot and such) and i can get to B but i have 10 gauge strings and i have no clue if my guitar can handle going lower and if i just do the same to get to C and lower. theres E D B thennn?

oh and idk if this is the right spot to post this
i have 11s and i put my guitar is B but the strings were really loose. i would definitely go witth 12s. just make sure your guitar is properly intonated after. and get your neck adjusted if it warps.
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you need like 12s for that ****

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Another aspect of low tuning is string tension. I personally love to use a reaaal high tension, especially for rhythm playing. I love playing in lowered tunings, not as low as drop b, more like c# standard or d standard.

If you have a guitar that's a string thru, your gonna have higher tension, and your neck bow has a bit to do with that too.

Your going to want at least a 54-56 on your low e string for tunings like that.
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tens work fine for me. I play in drop A, B, C, C#, and D standard and my strings are ok. They will just be pretty loose.