I'm looking to buy some amps:
Vox Ac - 15 or Fender Twin Reverb
Mesa Mark IV or a Mesa DC - 30
Peavey 6505 or a 5150
and i wanted to know how loud do these get?
I had a valve king 212 100 watt and I couldn't play it louder than about 3-4/10 ON WEEKEND afternoons, during practice i'd play it on clean at around 2.

So compared to the 100 tube 212 valveking and my 15 watt ad15vt solid state how loud do the heads and or combo versions of these amps get?
Louder than you will EVER need.
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i would suggest something in the 15w range. or 30-50w if you cant get it lower. thats for tube amps. solid states you could go all the way to 120w and not have a problem. but i would go with a tube amp. 15w you can atleast turn it up loud enough to get the real tube tone out without making yourself go deaf.
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the peavey and the mark, and the twin will probably be as loud as your VK fully cranked, the other two will be a little bit quieter, probably just enough to notice.
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so how do i play them with nice tones without blowing away my birds/killing my small siblings and causing tone deafness to my 90 year old neighbor on one side and my other older neighbors on the other side of my town house?

If i buy a head, im gonna use a 112 30 watt speaker cab (avatar)
Play them quietly. Test them out and try them at lower volumes.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
but i need that high gain sound from the metal amps and that crunchy overdriven sound from the ac-15/fender twin
they will sound fine at low volumes
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Quote by amd123

If i buy a head, im gonna use a 112 30 watt speaker cab (avatar)

That will not make the head more quiet. This will just cause the speaker to distort at lower volumes and you don't want that.
EDIT: Fender Twins are not crunchy at all. Far from it.


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If you want a crunchy overdriven sound, don't get a Fender Twin Reverb, get a Fender Deluxe Reverb or Super Reverb.