Hey all, i know you have seen this thread around 1000 times before, but im in desperate need of some help...and by all means direct me to another thread.

So, when i bought a floyd rose this time last year i didnt know how it worked and stuff, i.e that tensions and spring tightness tuned it and stuff.

So, my problem is prolly the same as everyone elses, i wanna DROP C IT!!! or Db IT!!! but i cant...it keeps trying to tighten back to standard! and when i drop it and then loosen the springs at the back, its sends everything further out of whack.

Some help would be appreciated. Or a link :P

Thanks in Advance
you need heavier strings and will also need to adjust the spring tension once you've restrung.

You cannot switch between tunings on a Floyd, not to that extent anyway.
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Changing tunings with a Floyd requires a little bit of trial and error. You have to find the sweet spot where the spring tension equals the string tension.

Loosen the springs a bit, tune down a little and see where it goes. You may need to loosen or tighten the springs a few times while tuning to find the right spot. You want to shoot for keeping the bridge level with the body (most of the time).

And yeah, heavier strings will help when tuning down.