I own a MIM Tele, which I really love. It has a great snap/twang to it that really makes the blues stuff I play sound really nice. My only complaint is the hum I get with the single coils...

Then I was doing a little online shopping and I noticed that Fender makes a set of Texas Special pickups for the Telecaster. It got my mouth watering for a little tonal boost, but I don't want to lose that tele sound. I talked to a guitar tech at a local store about it and he said that he wouldn't change out the existing pickups (stange sales pitch, I know!) because "you want your tele to sound like a tele".

I am looking for feedback from people who have changed out their pickups for the tele texas specials. How did the change affect your tone? Does it still pick up the hum from interference like typical single coil pickups - is it worse?

Anyway, any pointers would be great - thanks!
I think they do still hum. . .
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single coils hum. this is unavoidable, if youre really worried about hum look at some lace sensors maybe, they are "single coil" but its different technology that has much less hum, much less.

changing pups is really kind of a gamble if you dont have access to a guitar like yours with the ones your considering

tex specials will still hum

there are a ton of tele replacement pups out there, SD has some good ones, personally i think Fralins are the best but everyone has their own opinion
No, texas specials will not get rid of hum, I have a friend that has some in his tele and they hum like crazy. Like the people said above look into a hum eliminator pedal. I personally hate the idea of hum canling single coils they really arn't single coils any more. But if you are really wanting some new pickups but keeping that tele sound I suggest Fralins, Van Zandt, or Curtis Novaks.
Thanks for the feedback - yeah, from what I understand, the TexSpec's are wound differently/more and so I am expecting MORE hum than what I have.

@wyantsm - you bring up my biggest concern. I have not heard a MIM Tele with texSpec's before and I really don't know if I like the sound. I am hoping for a tele sound....but....i don't know....souped up I guess. More presence and bite without sounding like a totally different guitar. I was hoping to hear from someone who has actually done this change to hear what they felt about it.

Thanks for the Fralins angle though. What makes them good?