Looks nice seems a tad pricey though but that is just imo
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i think id go the 2770, but i really have no idea about ibanezes
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That first one is an older J Craft Custom. Really rare actually, but It matters if you want to play D standard or lower, because that is what the guitar is made for. I would take the first one because I play C# standard, otherwise, they are both excellent guitars.
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damn its so hard to choose lol i do fiddle with standard tuning alot....but i have a guitar for drop tunings >.< eh do you guys have any other advice?...and are these guitars priced about right ?
I'd go with the 2770, purely because you already said you have a guitar for downtunings, and the 2770 is just aesthetically pleasing, to me. Blue over red.

However, you'll have to make this decision yourself, really, you do.

And as for prices... I can't say, I don't know.
2770, it's prettier and less baritoney
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i would go blue

i have the h-s-h pickup combo and i like it much better than just h-h
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I'd go for the 2770. I don't like that scarf joint on the other one.

The 2770 certainly look nice.
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