I have been playing for awhile now.. but I seem to be not getting anywhere, like I have hit a boulder than can't be moved. Can anyone give me any effective exercises that I can use to build up syncing my hands together and building more control and speed? I like to play all kinds of music but I am trying to get better at lead. Thanks!
I like to think about different "mechanics" (different finger patterns, is it inside or outside picking, notes per string, etc.) Practice different mechanics such as a descending pentatonic lick to work on 2 notes per string licks or work on 3 note per string scales to build up your repertoire of "mechanics." Use these mechanics to create licks and solos... Practice really slow at first to correct bad technique like too much movement or tension. Once you have this down increase the metronome speed while maintaining good technique. There are other ways of gaining speed, you can listen to shawn lane on youtube talk about gaining speed and it is slightly different than what I described which is what has worked for me. Find out what works for you and go with it. Experiment a little. And check out the stickie!
Play music. That's what helped me break some of my barriers.
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