Ok, jazz band tryouts are coming up really soon, and I need to find a good song to try out with. If you had personal experience, please tell me some tips and advices I've played for a little more than a year, but if it's just anything not too crazy, I'll be able to manage with 24/7 practicing.. hopefully.

So yeah, suggest me some nice jazz songs please.
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Hey, i'm more versed in the jazz thing than really anywhere else...even if i am more of a saxophonist than a guitar player *ducks from thrown bricks*

You could try anything charlie parker that pretty much says up front that you've put in the time and you have at least some chops, however it may be a little heavy for a year's worth of playing, not to seem rude or anything.

If you wanted to showcase your soloing you could try just a real simple standard like take the a train and solo over it with a backing track. I recommend the duke ellington jamey aebersold if you were to do this.

Charlie Parker is more impressive in my opinion but if you crash and burn you're kinda dead...

The some kind of standard like take the a train might be nice because you can work it out so sometimes you're comping and then in other parts you'll show you're ability to play the melody.

As far as soloing over it you can improvise with a C major scale over the A section and an F major over the bridge.

Good luck
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